International Training Courses 2017
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Call for Letters of Intention

International Training Courses 2017 - Pasteur International Network Association

Each year the Pasteur International Network Association issues a call for proposals for courses and training workshops aimed at post-graduate students and young scientists from the Network and any other research institutions (universities, public health
agencies, governmental organisations etc.).

In order to favour the regional scientific coordination, this year, the application process will be realized in two phases (see detail below):

  1. Pre-selection based on letters of intention, to be coordinated at the regional level
  2. On-line application for the pre-selected courses

Applications are welcome from the Institut Pasteur International Network and from research institutions worldwide. Applicants from outside the Pasteur Network need to submit the proposal with a co-applicant from the Pasteur Network.


March 25th, 2016

 OBJECTIVES of the programme

  • Respond to research and public health priorities at the global and regional levels
  • Provide top-level training to scientists at different stages of a scientific career
  • Strengthen scientific relationships between scientists within the Institut Pasteur International Network and other institutions
  • Bring together world leaders and young researchers for discussion and generation of innovative projects.
  • Increase the awareness of other top institutions on emerging fields.
  • Develop partnerships with Universities.


  • Workshops (Size of about 20). The focus should be on cutting-edge techniques. By cutting-edge one should also consider absolutely necessary techniques in special settings or given areas.
  • Postgraduate courses (Size of about 20-40). The focus should be on training young scientists on selected topics by combining some practical work with top-quality lectures and rely on innovative learning strategies.
  • E-Learning and MOOCs through online resources.


  • The main criteria for selection are the quality of the course (topics, organization) and
    the team of teachers
  • Priority will be given to courses conducted in an institute from the Institut Pasteur
    International Network.
  • Funding for the project must be justified and in line with the format of the course. The fundraising is encouraged and the financial support of the Pasteur International Network Association will be at maximum 80% of the total budget. The budget should include support of scientific and technical RIIP, no other fellowship will be granted. Generally, a course less than 6 days duration would have a budget up to 20 000 EUR  and 2 weeks duration or more, up to 30 000 EUR


  • A letter of intention describing the course must be sent before March 25th, 2016 to
  • Template: see the provided document (only the letters of intention using this template
    will be considered)
  • Regional panels, led by Regional Representatives and teaching focal points, will

analyse the course proposals (letters of intentions), make suggestions to applicants, and prioritize the most important proposals for the Region

  • The pre-selected courses will be invited to submit an on-line detailed application, as the previous years
  • Courses will selected with the help of external reviewers according to the scientific strategy implemented by the Institut Pasteur International Network
  • Priority will be given to courses conducted in an institute from the Institut Pasteur International Network
  • A detailed financial and technical report must be sent within 2 months after the end of the course. A template will be provided.
  • Funding mechanism: 85% of the allocated sum will be transferred to the organizers of the course before the course. The last 15% will be transferred after the reception of the technical and financial report.


  • Mar 25: Deadline for letters of intention
  • Mar 29 - Apr 29: Regional coordination and discussions
  • Apr 29: Decisions by regional committees sent to applicants
  • May 31: Final submission on-line
  • Aug 1: Deadline for reviews
  • Sep 15: Meeting of the selection committee, recommendations to the Board Directors
    of the Pasteur International Network Association
  • Oct: Decision by the Association’s Board of Directors


 Vincent Brignol and Roberto Bruzzone and download the "LETTER OF INTENTION Template - International Training Courses 2017"


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